Sunday, August 21, 2005


Drat, darn and desperation. Where was i when all the excitement was happening? yesterday there was an explosion in the financial district, the same building my cousin Ray and I were checking out (Ralph Lauren store)...i mean, i know it's stupid to actually wish you were in the scene of the explosion, but this was, after all, San Francisco! We were there, but not in that specific area, so yeah, there was quite a bit of pandemonium.. :-P I'm just glad that only a few people were hurt, considering this IS, after all, one of the touristy spots in town (yep, mega-shopping district!)

+ + +

Finally checked out the Coffee Bean outlet in Fillmore. The place is smaller than the outlets i'm used to, but hey, i got myself the new Pink Card, which is pretty kewl :-D Had the large Mocha Latte --- it;s great, especially on a windy chilly afternoon! Of course, i had to top if off with some yummy gelato at Tango Gelato (hahahah!). I know, i know, i complain that it's cold here, but hell, i've been eating ice cream non-stop... i blame it on my cousin Bobby who for the life of me, had to point out the ice cream places that i just "had to try out" while i'm here. So long, diet! :-P

+ + +

Anyhoo, my cousins and i decided to put my CA ID to the test and check out the bars. We headed up to Mitchell's for another round of ice cream before we went to the bars... shoot, i forgot which street we were on! :-P We got into this bar called The Holy Cow which was filled to the brim with people, complete with gyrating bodies up on the ledge. Hmmm, the songs were pretty mixed, no cover charge but helluva expensive place for drinks :-P The songs were good though, lotsa 80's songs you can't help but dance to... good crowd cosnidering it was a saturday night! :-P

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